Blunt Mitxelena transports LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, is a company dedicated to the transport of merchandise by highway and product storage under demand. Founded on 1975 it consists with ample knowledge in his sector offering FLEXIBLE and EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS to his national necessities as as much international, generating value to our clients.

Considering that the yield and competitiveness of many company is based on the development and the accomplishment of the transport by means of customized Logistic Systems; our area of Agency of Transport incorporates vanguardistas systems offering to our clients a better COMPETITIVE service, DINAMICO and INNOVATOR.

Our  objective  is to surpass the expectations of our clients thus, anticipating to us to new necessities and/or changes in the market, allowing to develop its main activity them of faster and efficient form. 

Services that we offer:

  • Transport of Full loads 
  • Grupaje
  • Distributions and collections at National level  and the International.  
  • Logistic Operator: Storage and distribution   
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